Q. Why Should I Buy A Refurbished Handset Over A New Phone?

Buying a refurbished handset from Phonup.in comes with great benefits like: quality certified product with warranty, cost benefit, branded phone and great after sales service. Our refurbished phones are restored to their original factory settings under the critical supervision of our technical experts.

Q. What Key Points Should I Keep In Mind Before Buying A Refurbished Mobile Phone?

Quality certification and warranty are two major factors that you must keep in mind before investing in a refurbished mobile phone. Ask for detailed information on these two aspects as they will determine the shell life of refurbished products. Specifically for Phonup, our products are quality certified and we offer Upto 6 months warranty.

Q. How Can I Be Assured About The Quality Of Refurbished Handsets?

At Phonup we follow a customer-centric approach and we offer 100% quality certified products to our customers. Refurbished Mobiles are no exception and are thoroughly tested for any internal and external quality defects. There might be a minor wear and tear issue, apart from that the phone will function as good as its sealed counterpart.

Q. What Are The Best Features Of Phonup Pre-Owned Mobile Phones?

Pre-owned handsets are economically affordable and are high on quality. Our range of pre-owned smartphones comes with 6 months warranty. These phones undergo multi-level quality inspection process. There may be some signs of wear and tear; however, these phones function, perfectly like a new phone.

Q. Why Should I Buy A Pre-Owned Handset Over A New Phone?

Buying a pre-owned phone comes with multiple delights such as:

  • Branded Phone at Unbelievable Price
  • Quality Certified Product
  • Perfect Working Condition
  • Professionally Restored to Original Factory Settings & Sanitized

Q. In How Many Days Will I Receive My Repaired Device?

It all depends on the nature and degree of damage. We do not follow a default template to respond to every query rather we analyze the issue and come up with a customized approach to sort it out. If the issue is related to ear phones, speaker or volume button non-functioning, then they can be resolved in a very short span. But issues related to motherboard replacement, or screen replacement requires time as such tasks needs to be performed with utmost care and attention.

Q. What If You Can’t Fix My Device? Will You Return My Money?

We have a team of highly experienced professionals, who are expert at their work. We go a mile extra to repair your phone but in case we are not able to repair the fault then you will be eligible for a 100% refund.

Q. What Will Happen To My Personal Data When My Phone Is In Your Custody?

We understand how vital your personal data and information are, that is why we request our customers to take a backup before surrendering their device. All the mobile phones are safe in our custody, but Phonup cannot be held responsible for any privacy breach in any manner.

Q. Can You Repair Water Damaged Phones?

Yes, our team of certified technicians can repair any damage. If you have accidently dropped your smart device in water or moisture has disabled your phone’s normal functioning then we can assist you with best solution at affordable price.

Q. Can You Assist Me With Software Problems?

Yes, Phonup has a team of experienced smartphone experts offering honest analysis and solutions in all hardware and software related problems.